Estimating F1 Aero Coefficients with Lap Simulation

F1 aero data is always a hot topic for speculation, and while only the teams will know the real answer, I decided to take a crack at estimating F1 aero coefficients from the bit of public data that we have available. In order to do this I used my custom MATLAB lap time simulation (LTS)Continue reading “Estimating F1 Aero Coefficients with Lap Simulation”

Aerodynamic Studies of a 2022 F1 Car

In a couple of months the 2022 Formula 1 season will get underway with probably the largest single change to the aerodynamic regulations in its history. I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to do some aero investigations of my own, so today I want to share my concept of a 2022 car before the firstContinue reading “Aerodynamic Studies of a 2022 F1 Car”

MVRC 2020 – F1 Aerodynamics

Earlier this year I discovered the Mantium Virtual Racecar Challenge, which is an online aerodynamics competition to design a Formula One car using CFD. The final “race” of the year was a few weeks ago, so I wanted to showcase the car that I’ve designed. I also encourage you to check out the other competitorsContinue reading “MVRC 2020 – F1 Aerodynamics”

Lap Simulation (pt. 2)

Another update on my MATLAB lap time simulation program. This time I wanted to show more of the details, demonstrate how I can generate a basic tire model from logged data, and show how the simulation compares to that data. As I mentioned previously I’m using logged data from a driver-in-the-loop racing simulator, but theContinue reading “Lap Simulation (pt. 2)”