Estimating F1 Aero Coefficients with Lap Simulation

F1 aero data is always a hot topic for speculation, and while only the teams will know the real answer, I decided to take a crack at estimating F1 aero coefficients from the bit of public data that we have available. In order to do this I used my custom MATLAB lap time simulation (LTS)…

Aerodynamic Studies of a 2022 F1 Car

In a couple of months the 2022 Formula 1 season will get underway with probably the largest single change to the aerodynamic regulations in its history. I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to do some aero investigations of my own, so today I want to share my concept of a 2022 car before the first…

Building an F1 Lap Sim Model

I’ve wrote a bit about my lap sim program before, but today I wanted to give a full demonstration. The goal will be to build up a model of a modern F1 car and correlate it to real telemetry data. My main tool will be my MATLAB quasi-static lap time simulation program, but the process…


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Max Taylor

I’m an automotive aerodynamics engineer with a focus on motorsports and performance vehicles. My experience in production and race vehicle aerodynamics has given me unique insight into every aspect of the vehicle design process, from initial concept definition to final validation and testing.

I love all things racing and this is a place to share some of my personal projects and thoughts, thanks for reading!


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